Eye Care

  • Largest variety of frames and sunglasses under one roof – More than 50 brands to choose
  • Vide range of Frames available.
  • Experienced staff to help you choose the right product.
  • High-tech Eye testing – At all our stores, we have advanced eye testing equipments to enable accurate vision testing. We also have highly qualified optometrists (Eye consultants) to do the eye testing
  • After sales service – We have a strong team which is dedicated to serve you with any kind of repairs and services you want to avail after buying the spectacles.
  • Quality check – At every stage right from the order booking up to delivery of spectacles, we have a stringent quality check method to deliver only the best. At any point if we are not satisfied with our quality of finishing, the order is rejected and fresh order is placed.
  • Good ambience and lighting in the stores.
  • Multiple locations: In order to serve you better, we have 2 showrooms in Hyderabad at centralised locations. You can avail our services in any of the showrooms.
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