Spectacle lenses can be categorised broadly as below

  • Single Vision
  • Bi-focal
  • Progressive's Lenses

Kindly consult our clinic for more information.

Lens Index

All spectacle lenses come in various indices such as 1.49 / 1.56 / 1.6 / 1.67 & 1.74. Higher index helps to reduce the thickness of the lenses. However, our experts will suggest you the right index of the lens for the right spectacle, and prescription is very important to get the perfect result.


ARC / HMC – This coating is widely known as Anti – reflection coating which is very popular today. The advantage of this coating is that it improves the visibility, eliminates reflection and also enhances the cosmetic appeal of wearing a spectacle.

Transitions / Photo chromic –These are lenses which are very useful for people who work a lot on the outdoors. These lenses protect users from UV rays from the sun and also gives a good contrast, both indoors and outdoors. These lens change colour when used outdoors, depending on the UV rays in the light. For more information on these, kindly visit the Transitions website.

Tinted Lenses – Tint's are colours added on to the lens you wear. Most lenses can be tinted to any kind of colour that you wish. These are good for people who want to wear sunglasses customised to your power.

Polarised Lenses – Polarized light is the glare created by light reflecting on any surface: water, sand, glass or snow. On the beach, our eyes are bothered by blinding reflections from water or sand. We are driving and we are hit by glare bouncing off the road. Polarized lenses block 99.9% of irregularly reflected light, offering crystal clear vision and total comfort. For a live demonstration of the polarised lenses you could drop in to any of our stores

At Eyetech Optics, we have partnered with the best of the spectacle lens manufacturers, to give you a clear vision. Some of the spectacle lens brands we deal in are

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