What are the Facts about contact lenses?

Contact lenses are small Plastic membranes that float on the tears of your eyes to provide corrected vision. They have become very popular because:

  • They offer excellent cosmetic value and give you a natural look.
  • They provide a natural and wider field of view.
  • They help check the progression of power to an extent.
  • They help minimize image distortion and prismatic effect of glasses, especially in high prescriptions.

Can any one wear contact lenses?

Well, almost anyone - except those who have certain organic and systemic orders that forbid their use. Our Optometrist will help you with this and also suggest the best options to suit your prescription .In most cases we will be glad to offer you a trial to help you experience the same.

What are the options in contacts?

There are mainly two broad categories GP(Semi Soft) & Soft Lenses

Tell me first about Gas permeable (GP)lenses

GP lenses are made of a breathable plastic material, Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA). They are rigid in nature and take 3-4 days to adapt to. Most GP patiens have migrated to new generation Soft lenses.

Can you give me the fact sheet on soft lenses too?

Made of various polymers including Silicon materials, soft lenses are as light as a dewdrop. They wrap gently around your eyes and are so comfortable to wear that you can wear them for 12 hours of more, depending on their type. They need to be changed periodically to prevent contamination and protein deposition.

Sound good! Tell me more about the types available.

Soft lenses are either non-disposable (need to change them once a year) or disposable. Non-disposable lenses can be worn for around 12 hours a day and need to be carefully maintained as the same pair has to be used for a year. Disposable lenses should be preferred to reduce the contamination and deposition rate as they are replaced more often than yearly lenses

What are the advantages of disposables?

These lenses have better oxygen transmissibility and can therefore be worn for longer hours. As a new lens is worn periodically they are more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain. They are also the healthiest way to wear soft contact lenses. You can choose between Quarterly, Monthly, Fort-nightly and even daily disposables. These prices are affordable too! Find out more by talking to our friendly eye care practitioner.

Who should I go to, for my contact lenses?

One must be careful in identifying the right people to get the right pair of contact lenses suitable to their eyes and needs. Eyetech Optics is a name that has become synonymous with quality eye care and vision aid products since the 1999. Also to be noted is the fact that the management here has the unique distinction of having people with formal training in optometry, in India and overseas. They have dedicated themselves to the cause of eye care and enjoy the loyalty of customers for decades. The unique understanding of service culture was handed over by the elders as early as in 1999. This standard eventually became the hallmark of application in every aspect of what we fit and dispose or sell.

How much experience does Eyetech Optics have in contact lenses?

Vision Center, the clinical department of Eyetech Optics has been actively dispensing contact lenses since the 1999s Fitting techniques and products have been constantly updated, keeping up with global trends. Eyetech Optics is also committed to offer customers the best care and service on par with the best in the world. Products available in the showrooms offer impeccable quality and unmatched value for money. Our fully equipped clinics have state-of-the-art instruments to reduce in house waiting time. Senior optometrists with rich experience and expertise provide committed service to clients, fitting them with the right kind of lenses from daily wear to disposable.

I need to check on the safety issues.

As is the case when you apply any foreign material on your eye, there is always a risk of infection or problem. This is why you need to carefully follow all instructions on wear, care, maintenance and follow-up. Contact lenses, when worn as per instruction, do not cause any harm to the eyes. Welcome then to the beautiful world of contact lenses. Fit them, flaunt them and face the world with confidence.

At Eyetech Optics, we have partnered with the best of the contact lens manufacturer’s, thereby giving you clarity in vision. Some of the contact lens brands we deal in are as below

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